E-commerce today is extremely competitive.
Remove obstacles for customers and sell more.

Potential customers abandon over 65% of e-commerce transactions during checkout. Providing a UK Postcode Lookup lets users enter their address details with minimal typing, ensuring they reach the payment page more quickly and with less frustration - Reducing shopping cart abandonment and resulting in happier customers!

Increased Accuracy

Typos are a fact of life, but when they result in failed deliveries the cost is real. Eliminate mistakes with UK Postcode Lookups.

Better Reviews

Accurate, easy to input addresses make most B2C or B2B customer interactions more effective and enjoyable, ensuring positive feedback and repeat custom.

Fewer Payment Failures

Customer payments often fail due to incorrectly entered addresses triggering card issuers' anti-fraud measures. Reduce address typos and watch your payment success rate grow!

Full Client Portal Access

Administer your account and gain in-depth analytical information on your usage.

Accurate, Fast & Transparent

Our goal is to deliver 100% accurate results, as quickly as possible, while providing you with full transparency over your usage and control over your customers' experience.

Deeper Insights

UK Postcode Lookup is not only a fantastic tool to streamline data entry, reduce mistakes, improve user experience and increase conversions; it also provides a vector from which you can gain a deep understanding of your business from a geographic perspective.

Expert Onboarding

Migration can be problematic. We make it quick and easy.

Engineers On-Hand

Whether you are migrating to Primo Postcodes from an alternative provider, or starting with UK Postcode Lookups for the first time, your integration onto our platform will be managed, not by a Customer Service Agent or Account Manager keen to get you on-board, but with limited understanding of your requirements and the technicalities involved, but by an experienced, professional Software Developer and Business Analyst able to streamline the process and make your migration quick, easy and error-free.


With JSON and XML APIs and flexible POST/GET methods, Primo Postcodes UK Postcode Lookup is compatible with e-commerce and CRM platforms, back-office systems and more.

Our APIs are compatible with: Shell (cURL, HttPie, Wget), JavaScript (Fetch, XMLHttpRequest, jQuery, Axios), Node (Native, Request, Unirest, Fetch, Axios), Python, Go, C, Obj-C, OCaml, C# (HttpClient, RestSharp), Java (AsyncHttp, NetHttp, OkHttp, Unirest), Http, Clojure, Kotlin, PHP (pecl, cURL), Powershell (WebRequest, RestMethod), R & Ruby.

  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • CRM Platforms
  • Custom Solutions