About Us.

Primo Postcodes is a product of Primo Interactive, an established provider of Software Development and Digital Marketing services worldwide since 2006. We help businesses worldwide to achieve their most ambitious business plans, solve their biggest challenges and harness their successes to acquire, convert, optimise and grow.


An origin story.

As heavy users of UK Postcode Lookup services from a variety of providers since 2006, we quickly realised that many services on the market were sub-optimal and expensive. As a result we developed over several years our own version for use exclusively within our own in-house products. Eventually, our clients became aware of this product and thanks to a little pressure from them, we decided to make the Primo Postcodes UK Postcode Lookup facility generally available in 2021 following a rigorous beta-testing programme which began in 2019.

As a result, we believe Primo Postcodes to be one of the fastest and most reliable, accurate and feature-packed postcode lookup products on the market. We have aggressive plans for growth and an expansive development programme to add new features to the product while making it available to more platforms, with easy hassle-free installation and migration and aim to provide the best value for money for comparable services in the UK.